Welcome to the Logan County Genealogical Society

    The library features wills, court records, census records, newspaper abstracts, birth and death index, completed family histories surname files that include obituaries, and cemetery books.

Due to the extend forecast for our area showing BITTERLY cold
temperatures, snow, etc., and with the Historical Society currently being
closed, (effective January 1st through April 25, 2014), for the moving of
exhibits, etc., to the new addition, it is the decision of the
Genealogical Society Board to close the library as well. We realize that
this is much earlier than our previously announced date for closing which
was set for January 31 so that we may, ourselves, coordinate our move into
our new facility. To accommodate visiting genealogists, we will be able to
be open on an appointment only basis, (based upon availability of a
volunteer librarian), during the time that we will not be officially open.
If you would like to schedule an appointment to come in for research,
please contact the Society approximately 1 week in advance via email as
this will be checked regularly. Mailed research requests will also be
accepted, per Society regulations, and processed as volunteer availability
allows. Thank you for your understanding as we deal with our somewhat
temperamental Ohio weather and anticipate the Grand Opening of our New


As the time to move into the new Transportation Museum draws near, we will be closing the library so that everything can be packed up, moved and organized in the new library. Our last day for operation from the old library will be Jan 31, 2014. We still don’t have an opening date for the new office, but it’s anticipated as near the end of April. Since we will be moving into a larger area, we want to give our volunteers plenty of time to get all our materials moved and organized. We will still accept research requests, but understand that it may take some time to find the research material in the middle of the mess. After Jan. 31, 2014, we will not be open to the public until after the grand opening of the new Transportation Museum.

If anyone is interested in helping with the move, please contact the Genealogical Society at 937-593-7811

Thank you for your continued support.
Deb Allison