Minutes of the 1st Meeting

     The first meeting of what shall formerly be called "THE LOGAN COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY", was held by a group of five women at the home of Mrs. Robert (Dorothy) Knack, Febuary 8th, 1979.

     The five women being the following: Mrs. John (Donna) Spencer, Mrs. Dale (Mildred) Brunson, Mrs. Robert (Dorothy) Knack, Mrs. Harold (Evelyn) Jacobs, and Mrs. William (Corinne) Dixon.

     A motion was made by Corinne Dixon that Mrs. Donna Spencer be made the President, the motion was second by Dorothy Knack & Evelyn Jacobs.  Mrs. Donna Spencer made a motion that Mrs. Evelyn Jacobs, be made Vice Presedent, and the motion was second by Dorothy Knack.  Mrs. Knack made a motion that Corinne Dixon, be made Secretary-Treasurer, and the motion was second by Donna Spencer.  Mrs. Knack was elected Publicity Chairman, and the by-law committee would be made up of Mrs. Mildred Brunson, Dorohty Knack, Frances Mills, and Fannie Parker, the last two drafted without notice due to their being in Florida for the winter.

     Mrs. Spencer suggested that the step-up system be used in the election of officers in the future.  All present agreed.

     Group discussion was held around Dorothy's table in her very charming kitchen, on how or what we might do to raise money for the society.  It was decided that the club would meet once a month.  The day to be decided at a later date.

     The hostess served some very delicous brownies, which everyone wanted the receipe for, with tea and coffee, and the meeting was adjourned in the late afternoon.

     The above minutes being submitted by Corinne Dixon, Secretary.


May 9, 1979

Treasurer's Report:    At the present time we have $150.43 in our savings                                          account.


Membership Stands at:  9 paid-up members.  Two being from out of the city.  Mrs. Hazel Holland of Kenton, Age 91 and Mrs. Virginia Rohrbracher of Wapakoneta.