The purpose of First Famies and Pioneer Families of Logan County, Ohio is to identify and recognize those who settled Logan County and for what they did for future generations.


Requirements for becoming a First Family of Logan County, Ohio:

                 *Your direct ancestor must have lived in Logan County by the year 1840 and you must show                     proof of same.


Requirements for becoming a Pioneer Family of Logan County, Ohio:

                *Your direct ancestor must have lived in Logan County by the year 1850 and you must show proof of same.


A person should not be a member of both First and Pioneer Families.


Proof of ancestry and documentation of such is required for all steps.  It may be coopies of original documents or certified as "TRUE COPIES" by a court house official, librarian, genealogist or notarized as such by a Notary Public.  Proof must include where document was obtained (ex. Court House, Genealogy Library, Bible Record, etc.) along with title, volume, page number and document name.  This information should be on the back of the document, in the listing of document as well as in the listing of documents included in application.


Applications must be legible, black or blue ink and may be hand-printed or typed.


Application fee of $3.00 is required, when application is picked up, or before application is mailed.


The completed application and documentation must be accompanied by a check for $7.00 for members and $22.00 for non-members (includes a 1-year membership) in the Logan County Genealogical Society.


Additional immediate family members (those living in the same household and under 18 years of age) may be included by proving relationship to original applicant by payment of $5.00 along with documentation of same.


Further proof may be required by the committee.


Application must include a generation ancestor chart showing relationship to applicant to direct ancestor.


All information becomes the property of the Logan County Genealogical Society and will be available for genealogical research.

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